domingo, maio 29

Off we go again...

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We are moving again.

That's right. In a month, we will leave our house, our neighbors and go to ... I do not know where.

Seriously, I am not joking. We have no idea where we are going.

We don't have a clue what will happen to us after the summer holidays.

You know when you "pause" the DVD?

Our lives are on "pause"at the moment.

 The blender is broken, should we buy another?

But we do not know what will happen tomorrow ...

Let's buy that "thing"we have been wanting forever?

But now?What if we move tomorrow?

Hey, I need to frame these pictures ...

And then get rid of the frames so they don't take space in the suitcases?

Look! This thing is dirt-cheap!


You did not understand a thing?

Let me explain:

We grew tired of living in the house where we are (it is a great house, don't get me wrong) but the landlord is always complaining about my parties, the noise that my guests make, complaining my kids use the swimming pool too late, they chat, they laugh, they bring friends over...

He complains about everything!

And recently, the real estate market changed and the property prices have fallen significantly, so we'll probably be able to finda cheaper  house after the holidays.

That aside,, nobody knows for sure what will happen to our lives in Bahrain. It may be that the political situation gets worse and we just have to go. That's unlikely but not impossible, so we do have to consider what would be the plan if the country becomes " unliveable "...
So this is how my life is at the moment: I will pack, send my stuff to storage, and when I return, after the summer hols, I will see what I'll do.

Simple huh?

It seems easier than it is. 

I have to have several plans covered:

Pack as if we are leaving the country? Pack as if we are moving houses? Pack as if we are leaving with suit cases only?
Sell everything we can to avoid a bigger loss?
But who would take care of sales?

And my plants?

And the cars?

And Mia?


So many doubts ... it is driving me crazyyyy!

2 comentários:

  1. 'dislike'
    'shocking to think that you may leave us'
    blender - go to geant - anniversary celebrations will fetch u good deal. there is one for 5bd!!

  2. Uau como sempre... Sempre espero altas aventuras de sua vida querida. Sair sem ter onde exatamente ter a noção de onde ir é muito a sua cara rsss

    Boa sorte na nova empreitada.