terça-feira, maio 31

Murphy also goes after my clients

I work with relocation and help my clients settle into the country.
My job is to make sure they have all they need to start a happy life in bahrain.
This couple had lots of questions, lots of doubts about what to do here, where to take their son. We visited clubs, went to several places and when we least expected puff, my tyre went flat!

46 C outside, and of course we were nowhere near a shade.

I have never changed a tyre in my life.
The client, a gentleman, offered to do it for me. Of course I have manners and said no. I told him to go to the coffee shop across the road and stay there - no negotiation.
Thank God he did not listen to me. He went under the car, checked everything, read the manual and changed the tyre for me.

I have never felt so many emotions all at once. I was delighted, embarassed and grateful. All with the same intensity!

4 comentários:

  1. Muito obrigada pela visita.bjocas e boa noite

  2. Oi querida que sufoco, hein? Ainda bem que ele foi educado e fez o serviço pra vc rs


  3. Nice story!

    Mind if I share my flat tyre tale?

    I've had a flat twice when on my own in the car - the first time I got the car jacked up OK but could not turn the bar to release the wheel nuts (garages put these on with a machine so tight!) Along came a helper!

    Second time was at night on a country road. This time mobile phones were around so after attempting to get the wheel nuts off and failing again I decided I had to call my neighbour for help. I was about a half hour drive from home. I have great neighbours! Just as we were taking on the phone, two young men drove up and asked if they could help. I was so dubious I gave their car number to my neighbour on the phone :) Anyway they were great - turns out this car had locking wheel nuts and there's a special key to unlock them! Once we'd located that the wheel was changed in no time. The two young lads were brilliant. I remember one of them saying "we stopped because we'd hope someone would stop and help our wives in a similar situation" Lesson in thinking the best of people.

  4. Ainda bem que nunca tive que passar por isso. Sou uma negação em coisas de macho hahahaha