segunda-feira, maio 9


I've been thinking a lot about what is the real  investment one makes in a relationship and reached the conclusion that it is a risky investment. The most risky one, I would say. A stock exchange, not a savings account at all.

One puts in the emotional bank everything available. Love, care, dedication, attention, and whatelse ever you can put your hands on.

The other person does the same thing.

But none of you really knows what the other is investing. You  may have an idea, use your intuition, your gut feeling, your instincts, but you never know for sure. Even when you think you do so.

The good part about this business is that you can hit the jack pot and have all your investment doubled, triple even. You can also be on a bad strike and lose everything you put in - and  end up with a tremendous scar.

The only conclusion I got to, after all this thinking process is that I find the risk worth it.In my humble opinion,  it is worth investing everything you have. Each penny, because  life can be much more colorful when you dare to dream, when you dare to try.

And all I can do is hope that our investments will all be great ones!

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