domingo, maio 8

Mother's day

Sometimes it is hard to live in such a different country, away from our traditions and celebrations.
Mother's day here is celebrated on a different date and all the "publicity" is made in Arabic, so most years, we don't even acknoledge it. 
People also celebrate the English date, which is the 4th day of lent.

Can you see where i am going?

Arabic Mother's Day - we don't even realise when it is

English Mother's Day - It has nothing to do with us, MUM

Brazilian Mother's Day ( today) - Ah.... How would you expect us to remember THAT?

NOTE:  Lia saw the message and defended herself:

ADENDO - Lia viu a mensagem e ja foi logo se defendendo:

Happy Mother's day muuuum, have a wonderful day, I love you ♥ - This was my stats on bbm* all day, I have not forgotten Mother's day! :(

* BBM - blackberry's message system

** I do not have a  blackberry...kkkk

fabio, who is not my son, but is a sweet heart, bought me chocolates! made my day...

3 comentários:

  1. Em tempo: Feliz dia das mães para a mãe maravilhosa que você parece ser!
    Beijo no seu coração

  2. Hey, look at us INdians, we do not have a traditional Mother's day but are pretty infected by 'days' of all sorts ;-)
    My daughter said she didnt know which country's mother's day is 8th May and went 'oh' when i said, well the UK one was in April!

  3. and oh, my mother would have felt a little bit strange (she too is infected a bit with teh commercial days) if i wished her "happy Mother's day"