sexta-feira, outubro 29

There are lots of things that annoy me. Some make me furious...
Racism is up there, on the top of the list.
And this story is a classic example of what pisses me off.
I have a friend who is Brazilian, married to a Canadian guy and they have two children ( no longer children, but she would never admit that). One girl and one boy.

The girl has a Paquistani boyfriend for almost 3 years now ( or there abouts). The guy, just got hid first girlfriend - her mother is Indian and the father is English.

Both mothers were chit chatting. My Brazilian friend and the Indian woman.Just read this and then tell me what you think:

- So your girl also has a boyfriend?
_ Yes, she does. They have been together for 3 years, he is a real nice guy.
- Oh, that's cool. Where is he from?
- Paquistan

after a brief silence, in a mourning tone, the lady asks my friend:

- Oh... my God... How do you feel about THAT?

My answers would be very clear. I would have chosen between:

" the same way your mother in law felt when your husband decided to marry YOU " or " The same way I feel about my son dating your daughter"...

Thank God my friend is far more polite and she replied:

- He makes my daughter very happy, I could not wish for more!!!
Bless her soul!

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  1. Odeio racismo também. Nunca sofri preconceito por ser descendente de japa, mas já sofri por ser brasileira...