sexta-feira, outubro 29

Sex and the City II

In Bahrain most movies are censored. When I say MOST, I mean MOST. Just to give you a simple example. Shrek was censored. Yep, Shrek the Ogre. Not him, specifically, but the kiss scene was cut out.

DVD rentals are also not a very good idea because you may find one year old movies as releases, if you are lucky. Otherwise, you will end up watching ancient movies.

We are left with one option: to get pirate movies from the black market. Shame, shame, shame on us all...

And pirate a pirate movie I got, when I decided to watch Sex and the City II.

I am a serious fan of that clan. I watched the whole series, I have the DVDs ( original copies), I enjoyed the first movie. Then I watched the second one, full of expectations. and it seemed like a huge merchandise window.

Ok, all movies sell advertising, I get that. But They also have story lines. I am afraid all I can remember from the movie were the ads: Remax, a book, a coffee machine, Rolex... ( ok, ok, it worked) but I felt cheated. That's not what I signed in for.

For the first time, Sex and the City disappointed me. Big time.

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