sábado, outubro 30

Teenagers... Oh God, give me patience....

My kids are pretty well rounded and sweet - most of the time. Other times, I believe their mission on Earth is to drive me mad.

A while a go, Anita gave her passwords to some friends and one took the liberty to make very heavy comments on his own facebook page, as if they were hers. Lucky for me, a darling friend wrote me a line and let me know, I could just remove the comment, change her password, take her computer away, until things calmed down a bit.

It drove me and Fab's mad. We had a fit, wrote an e mail to the guy, telling him that was not OK and explained to OUR child how to keep herself cyber safe.

We also spoke to her about her image and how people would perceive her based on all the internet comments. I would never expect my kids to be different people to please others, but to advertise you are much WORSE than you really are, just seems stupid.

Ok. We thought she learned her lesson. Until today when she told me casually that her facebook, e mail and msn were hacked, all her passwords changed and she could no longer control her messages.

On faceboo, the staus was changed to

I am big, fat whore who likes it up the ass....

I froze when I read it. And to know I can't even remove the darn thing, just drives me NUTS!

This person is also sending rude messages using her msn.

And we have no control over it.

It turns out, she "shared" her password with three friends. Bless her! And yesterday she had a fall out with one of them. Bless them both... and now I have this situation on my hands.

Imagine when my mother, my mother in law, her uncles and aunties read this sweet status on FB. They will be shocked, to say the least...

MUMS all over the cyber world, please put on your thinking caps and HELP MEEEE!!!!

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  1. I'm not a parent myself, but I've been a teacher for over 14 years and I strongly sympathize with your feelings towards being cyber safe.

    If you ask me, it's never easy to raise a kid, especially when we ourselves knew a completely different world when we were kids. A world with no internet, no free access to the world from our bedrooms.

    But some things never change. Sometimes we have to get hurt somehow (and not only once, mind you) to learn our lesson, don't we?

  2. This world is not the same...
    Internet é meio foda por causa disso, perde-se o controle de certas coisas. Ficamos velhos muito rápido e as pessoas tendem a perder a ingenuidade mais cedo.


  3. Lesson numbero one: Never ever give your password to anyone. Not even your best friend. They may one day become enemies and you will regret it with all your heart...