quarta-feira, outubro 13

The **#$@** banner in this blog

Well, I have received some messages from friends about a darn banner that keeps moving around in this page. I apologise for the annoyance, and I swear I am doing everything I can to get rid of it. So far, no luck!
Here are the facts:

- Inaie decides to get a funky/pretty/cool blog page.
- She goes to "the cuttestblog on the block
- Inaie gets one. Wohho!
- Inaie is happy with her blog design
- Inaie goes on holidays. Wohho II
- One morning, Inaie opens her beloved blog and the cute page is gone. On it's place, there is an annoying banner, saying the page is gone. DAAAAAHH
- Inaie tries to log on to the "cuttest blog on the block and it proves to be  all too complicated
- Inaie apologises to her readers and decides to deal with it when her hols are finished
- Hols over, Inaie tries once again to get rid of the thingy
- She tries the cuttest blog on the blog again - but notices there is another signature on the banner - photo bucket
- Inaie tries to log in to that company
- She tries all her usernames and password combinations, she makes some more up, the website just does not recognise her. The website dares to even suggest Inaie does no exist
- Inaie gets póff because she knows she DOES exist
- Inaie sends an e mail to photo bucket and the reply is quick:

Dear Inaie Ramalho,

The issue is due to thecutestblogontheblock.com website.

You used or purchased a template from them as many other people have and

the owner of the website is making alterations to the site

thus breaking image link in user's blog templates. You need to contact

thecutestblogontheblock.com OR remove the template from your blog.

We are really sorry for the frustration however we have zero control over this situation.

We have contacted the site directly and are still waiting on a resolution with them at this time.

- Inaie is now back to square one, and even more p'off

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