sexta-feira, outubro 22

I am reinventing the meaning of "volunteer work"

Well, my daughter (name not to be mentioned), decided to skive. She told her dad she wanted to WALK to school. That would be enough to send alarm bells to the moon, but Fab's being a man and all, did not notice.
When she left the house, her friend was there, waiting for her in a taxi.
They went to the mall where two other boys were waiting for them ( horror of horrors).They spent the morning together, probably had some fun and jumped back in the taxi to be taken home.

So, what's so bad about all of this.

I skived when I was her age. Teenagers need to break the rules, need to be different, to "stuff up". I get all of that. Skiving is bad, but not really the end of the world. The problem is HOW these tow silly girls did it. They called an unlicensed driver, who has no right to be taking kids around ( or anyone else, for that matter).

This guy could have kidnapped them, could have done whatever he wanted, and it would take us another 7 hours to even realise they were missing.

Well, we found out. The school suspended her ( these kids belong to 3 different schools - I am not too sure what happened to the other kids), we took her laptop and her mobile phone from her AND she is now doing  "volunteer work".

Yep. If she wants to go out on weekends, she will have to have clocked 4 hours of volunteer work during the week. i don't care what kind of work, as long as she does it.

Today she chose to help at an animal shelter. She came back very upset because the place is smelly and dirty. Oh well, maybe it would be bettr to just go to school then?

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