sábado, outubro 16

and who are YOU?

I was invited to a friend's 40th birthday party. She is French, chic and lots of fun to be with, so when she said she wanted to gather a bunch of creative, inspirational girls to her party, I thought it was a great idea and did not think twice!

I got there, saw some people I know, met some fun ladies and had a great time. Until Nathaly ( the chic French friend), decided to make us play a game. She gave us colourful bracelets and we had to find the other 3 or 4 women who had the same color bracelet. When we gathered our small group, we were to sit together and answer one question:

- Everyone is creative in their own way. What is YOUR way?

Ah??? Creative? I am not creative!!! I am so many things, but NOT definately NOT creative! I had chills coming through my spine. Maybe, If I managed to make people speak a lot about themselves, my turn would never come.

Grace, an asian girl who could easily be in a fashion magazine, is a graphic designer. CREATIVE!! I asked as many questions as I could.

Patsy, have this passion for the war his father fought. She is making a comic about it. She even does the drawing... CREATIVE!!

Fouzia is one of these perfect mum/housewives... she can do everything and is always with make up and a comber hair. How the hell she does that I fail to understand...

Then it was my turn. When I was ready to pretend to pass out to avoid answering the dar question, I saw the light. I am a story teller . I tell stories. That's what I do. Or at least that's what I do when I am in a pickle...

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