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KARIN - my bestest friend

As soon as I wrote about my interview here , I received a comment from Karin, my " bestest"  friend. It said exactly this:

Interesting interview. I am sure Inaie is disappointed now that she didn’t mention me, her best friend in all the world in the interview.
I am sorry if I’ve offended any other of Inaie’s “best friends in the world”…"

Well, I can not help but agree. Karin, you are my best friend in the world . Right up there with all my other best friends in the world.And I am disappointed I did not talk about you in my interview, but today I will talk about YOU, and make it right!

I have so many stories to share, I could just write a book about you. But this post will be about a certain fair we visited in Auckland, about 6  years ago.  Here we go:

One day Karin calls me and suggests we visit the sex shop fair - an event that repeats itself every year in Auckland.
I did not really have to think twice, the idea appealed to me immediately. We organized the timings (Karin was traveling from |Hamilton, about an hour away from Auckland.)

The fair was OK, although it did not have anything super upper dupper innovative or different. It was more like a bunch of sex shop stalls together in a huge space. No novelties, as I expected. Or so I thought.

Many people thought we were a couple, so we decided to hold hands ( who would like to disappoint the audience, right?)

Everything was fine, we visited many stalls, we were chatting, laughing and having fun, when Karin decided to make her first purchase. I am a modern woman. I consider myself a person with few taboos, but the items she chose to buy were just too much for my open mind.

Karin and I argued a little bit, I was all against her purchase, but she refused to leave the fair without the darn things. I even went to the stall and tried to negotiate with the sales person - we could pay for it right there, but we would take the "stuff" the next day. It was just to humiliating to leave the fair with it. Come on, I have a reputation to uphold and "that" would not do me any good.

After a huge discussion, when we were in the verge of areal ugly fight, I finally gave up. Our friendship is far more important than anything...

With her head up high, Karin walked to the stall and bought TWO HEAT PACKS. Yep, heat packs, you read it correctly. The ones you use for back pain, for sport injuries or just for old age symptoms. Karin managed to visit a HUGE sex shop fair and leave with elderly supplies...

I never felt so embarrassed...I don't think I ever recovered from this day.

PS. Karin is trying to disguise herself under her maiden name, but she is also known as Karin Merrifield. And she still lives in Hamilton. I had to move to the Middle East to hide my humiliation...

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  1. Karin, let's talk:
    Ok, I'm not even going to argue, you keep the cromn and the tittle of Best Friend for you alone as I refuse to share. I'll promote myself to the tittle of Best Worst Friend. Better than nothing...
    Karin, vamos conversar:
    Melhor amiga, ok, desisto do titulo, pois eu NAO divido.
    Vou pular entao para o titulo de Melhor worst friend. Melhor que nada.