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Tupana Hotel

Photos of Amazon Tupana Jungle Lodge, Manaus
This photo of Amazon Tupana Jungle Lodge is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The hotel is delightful, right in the middle of the forest, it is a haven of peace and nature for those who want to hide from the madness of everyday life.

The staff  are very friendly and go to great lengths to please the guests. The food is good, the rooms are very clean and some  (almost) friendly/kind animals are the joy of the lodge.

The tours are plenty. You can walk through the jungle, go kayaking, swimming in the river Tupana, or  fish for piranha. Sleeping in the woods, hiking into the forest, explore the local flora and learn about the trees, plants and their medicinal effects can also be a good option.

For those who like to meet the locals, you can visit a "jungle" family,  go to the school in the nearest village (which has no flushing toilets, and the kids have to throw buckets of water in the toilet bowl after using it ).

I can recommend this trip ( to the school)  to everyone who goes to Amazon with their children. Children who play video games all day, who ride bikes, children who go to the mall and spend holidays enjoying themselves. A little bit of "reality check" can only do good.
There are also night tours, bird watching and whatever else you can think about. If you want to relax, you may choose to stay at the hotel, on the hammock, enjoying the magical atmosphere of the Amazon, being "attacked" by a monkey, a parrot or even a dog that does not like to see you resting in peace.
Anyway, there's a little bit of everything, for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life ...

When I visited Tupana, unfortunately it was undergoing renovations  (to prevent Conchita from breaking in)  - great news for the next visitors, who will be able to take advantage of a renovated hotel, but I had to keep up with some noise that was a bit annoying.
You may have some specific questions and I tried to guess them so here go the answers:

Electricity? Yes - they leave the generator on all night and at some times of day (before breakfast, after lunch, the times between tours). Electric shower are not available, but they are not needed. In the Amazon the weather is very hot, all year around - you may even enjoy the cold shower.
If you get bored, there are some books available in different languages ​​(probably left by other guests), some card games and some table games (UNO).

The bar serves freshly made juices, soft drinks, wine, beer and caipirinha. The breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the room price, but whatever you get from the bar ( all drinks) are not included. the prices are reasonable, specially if you consider how far you will have to go to buy water somewhere else...

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  1. you have kept me guessing the price of water :)

  2. the water was not expensive at all - around 3 reais ( 1.5 dolars). Inaie