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Amazonas Theatre

teatro amazonas

 Amazonas Theatre is simply breathtaken! Built in 1936 it hosts 700 guests. Officially, the site plan says there are 701 seats divided between first floor and balconies, but after counting and recounting  the seats, no one could find seat 701. The local joke says seat 701 belongs to a ghost.

Built with the money from the rubber barons, the theatre  was made with European standards and all its material imported from Europe. Manaus, which was at its economic peak needed a place where international shows could be performed. All the money running around came from the rubber trees that produced all the latex used in Brazil and exported to other countries.

Rubber baron's box ( can you see the stage curtain just next to it?)

The "rubber barons" sat in a box right beside the stage, the worst place in the theater, but their idea was to see, but to be seen! Whoever entered the theater immediately saw them,  with their flashy clothes and expensive jewelry.

The seats at the ground floor were the cheapest, and the prices would increase as the seats went up in height. The higher, the more expensive they were. Then someone realized  the ground floor seats were the best places for those who wanted to watch the shows, and the price scheme changed. The ground floor becaming more expensive than the higher boxes . (I had the opportunity to attend a dance performance at the famous theater, but all the prices were the same - 1.5 dollars per person. I am not kidding, the show cost little more than a coca cola).

Governor's box

Nowadays, there is the Governor's  cabin, right in front of the stage. The Governor and his important guests sit there when they come to a play or a presentation. I'm not sure what happens when the important guys are not there, but I guess anyone can buy them.

The floors are made of  "pinho de riga", a hardwood which guarantees a wonderful acoustic in the building. It is said that Beethoven came to visit the theater and was delighted with the sound quality - he was so pleased he asked to play a little to test the acoustic. Can you imagine, you are there, visiting a touristic place, then Beethoven decides to give a little free show to you and your colleagues?
wood mosaic

On the floor, there is also a magnificent mosaic work - are sooooo many pieces of wood that were initially assembled without glue and without nails - it is impressive. Today, due to the work of "restoration" there are nails and glue. Please someone arrest the restorers! ...
ceiling paintings

The ceiling paintings are all made in separate panels and then attached to the ceiling. One of the most impressive paintings is of Gloria, who's eyes "follow" the viewer. The painter used the same technique used in the Mona Lisa, where her eyes just follow the viewer wherever he goes. Yes, of course I tested it - and I must say it does work!

There is also an angel who loses weight and fattens again, depending on where you are when you look at it. Of course I paid  enough attention to him, and from now on so I will only let people look at me from my slimming angle. I swear!

Orchestra pit AND stage panel

The orchestra pit, which is right in front of the stage, goes down 3 meters. The girls and I were lucky enough to see the pit be downloaded, with it's piano and all. I guess that should be pretty cool to see a music performance at the Theatre.
The stage panel can not be folded or rolled up because it's painting would not resist, and would "break". Before the performances start, It rises 14 meters,  and then it is lowered when the presentation ends. The fabric and paint are original.
I was impressed with the beauty and glamor of the Theater and delighted to have had the opportunity to visit it.

ground floor chairs

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