sábado, agosto 13

Meet the slooth

On our way to the Amazon Jungle, we saw a truck right on the road.. I thought they had a flat tire or other frill with the car, when our driver said:

- It is a sloth...

The animal was crossing the street, the other car stopped to help him cross and avoid trampling it. When I saw that they already had the sloth in their arms and they were taking it back to the forest. I had no doubts - I jumped off the car, yelling, screaming, asking them to wait, so I could see the " pet" .
- Hey! wait! Let me seee ...

My kids who think they are British educated,  (cough cough) almost had a heart attack, but as soon as they recovered, they came off the car screaming too.

They held the sloth, patted the sloth, took photos with it ... while I took pictures ( did not have the chance to get anywhere near it)
Things I learned today: the male sloth has a tigger patch on it's back. Females do not. The one  we saw was a male.

The sloth has a soft, impermeable coat, and it helps it float when it falls into the water.

If you chose to hold a sloth, make sure you take it from the back, otherwise it may scratch you!

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