quinta-feira, agosto 18

Sunrise and visit to an amazon native family

If you want to come to Amazon to rest, think twice - there are so many things to, it will be hard to find enough time to do nothing and just enjoy the sorounds.

You can always refuse to follow the program - if you have the ehart to do so. Everything is so amazing, it is hard to refuse to go.
It is 5 am  and we were all up and already on the boat heading to the lake, where we could appreciate the amazing sunrise

.Saimos beside the river to see the sunrise in the Amazon, to try to see pink dolphins, and even more to enjoy this magic place.

The sunrise was really beautiful! A breathtaking experience ... but the pink dolphins never showed up. We saw several gray dolphins, we even asked them to go look for the pink cousins, but they never did!

We went back to the hotel for breakfast and soon after, we went out again to see the house of a person who lives by the river - what we call "Ribeirinho"

My first impression was pretty bad. Many bottles of booze and beer cans thrown all over the floor. I was rather upset, I wondered if the house belongs to an alcoholic, or they were a bit nuts, had no ecological awareness and/or did not care to live in the middle of the garbage.

When we knocked on the door, we found the family was not home. We decided to go for a walk around. It was a shame not to have the chance to know them, I'd like to ask questions about the way of life and perhaps even about those bottles scattered all around.

We explored the place anyway. Around the house, the family planted pineapples (1000 plants). The guide told me each plant takes about a year to grow and produces a single pineapple. Each fruit is sold for 2 dollars - generating 2000 dollars per year. Additionally they plant cassava (and have equipment to make cassava flour) - I do not know how big is the production, but is not very great.I remember seeing some bananas all over the place and a chicken with a few chicks.

He ( our guide) also told us, the family has five children - who go to public school on a boat, provided by the city council of Manaus. I know where are not many places to spend money in the jungle, but I also know nobody lives on cassava, pineapple, bananas and eggs alone.

I was concerned about the survival of the family, the future of these children since the family seems to spend all their money  in booze.

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  1. i agree it is very strange and disconcerting :-\

  2. Um beijo linda e um ótimo fim de semana.