sexta-feira, agosto 26


Today we have a free day. Lili woke up and came asking me "do something" with her. After thinking a lot, she decided that "something" would be kayaking.

Her idea seemed pretty cool to me, I love kayaking, I love rivers and I love this girl!

Ww went all the way down the river ramp, and only then we realized that neither of us had brought sunscreen. I'm an "old lady" so I asked Lia to go back up to our room to fetch it.

I regreted this request so badly! When she was near our room, she put her hand on a wasp that stung her When I saw that she was taking forever to come down, I went after her, but it was too late, she was bitten, medicated and was not even crying anymore.

Her hand swelled up and my heart was as tight as it can get.

 We agreed  she would be relaxed in the kayak, while I would do all the heavy work. You need to know Lia to know this plan did not last at all.

The girl took the paddle , got into the kayak and paddled like a big girl. Not only she worked hard, but she took the leadership and took me sightseeing in beautiful flooded forests, places she already knew from previous solo  kayaking expeditions.

Lia kept yelling: left, turn here, go faster, slower, more of this, more of that ... and she knew exactly what she was doing!

At one point we decided we were going to paddle upstream, and then just relax and let the current take us back to the hotel. So we did. We worked hard and almost everything went right. When we paid some attention, we realized that we had paddled DOWN THE RIVER  ... We rolled with laughter, and we had to make another big effort to go back to our hotel.

It was a magical ride - for the landscape and especially for the company!


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