quarta-feira, agosto 17

Night Sounds in the Amazon

Out we went into the night to look for nocturnal animals. The idea was to find alligators and whatever else we could.

It feels crazy to be right in the middle of the jungle, with no light, no thecnology. The sensation I experienced was surreal, like I werein one of the rides in Epicot. Kinda "too extraordinary to be true".

Our litthe boat went across the igapos, we travelled down Tupana river and could see the trees very, very close to us. We travelled for over an hour and we did not see anything besides a baby scorpion. Our guide removed it's "sting" and let it walk all over our hands. I confess it was a very strange sensation.

We have heard many noises, we tried to fix our eyes into the darkness, to see figures and vultures, but not a single animal decided to show itself to us ...

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