quinta-feira, dezembro 30

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New Year's Eve celebrations will be in our home. We chose an easy recipe: ordered good food and BYO drinks. We invited a small group of friends and we are really excited.

But today, 30th of December, a problem emerged on the horizon. The person who was going to buy the ham, could not find it at the Base.

Open brackets. Bahrain is a Muslim country, and pork products are not readily available. There are only two supermarkets that sells these products and you never know what will be available. The quantities are small and the prices an extortion.  The USA has a Naval base here and inside it's facilities there is a shopping mall where you can buy all sorts of things, from 1/3 of the prices in Bahrain. They also have pork.Close brackets.

I almost panicked ( I lie - I really lost the plot. I need ham.I cried, threw a tantrum, swore), and a friend of a friend of  a friend gave me a number I could call. The instructions were clear:
- Don't give this number to anyone else. They don't sell to people they do not know and they don't sell retail.

I am not here to create problems. I agree and call the number straight away:
- Hello, can I have a ham please?
- Who are you? Who gave you this number?
- My name is Inaie, XXX gave me the number.
- Why?
- Why what?
- Why did he give you the number?
- Because I need a ham.

Then I realised what he was asking...
- And because I have a small catering business, he told me you are a reliable supplier.

Break for uncontrollable laughter - I can not boil eggs

- Ok. What do you need?
- Ham. 4 kilos. It will be a small job.
- I will call you back.

A few minutes later, he does call back:
- Look, it will be ok.
- And where is your business? What is your address?
- Go to the corner of X and Y and when you get there, call me.
- Whaaaat?
-Call this mobile when you get there.

I am in no condition to discuss. I do as I am told.

-Hello, I am here.
- ok. I will call you.

He hungs up on me, but does call me back in 5 minutes.
- I am sending A.F. to meet you.
He will be driving a black corolla. Follow him.

Soon after the guy arrives, I follow him through some narrow, dirty, dark streets.My heart is racing. I only think about that ham.

When we finally arrive, I feel a bit better. The place seems to be "legit".
I buy my ham, pay cash and leave as soon as I can

.I felt I was in a cheap movie, playing the drug addict buying illegal substances in dodge corners.

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