domingo, dezembro 12

The truth story about my b'day celebrations

Everything I mentioned on my last post is true, but I confess I left some details out. If you know me, you also know Murph is a good friend of mine ( good for the blog, not so good for me)...

Here are the facts I "forgot" to mention:


It was fun, but did not run as smooth as I may have made it seem. We are all a bit stressed out because the end of the year is just around the corner and with it, many changes are coming by.
Lots of friends left Bahrain already and some others are in the process of leaving. Rose is one of them. I am devastated...

The massage

After a wonderful massage, and a wonderful time by the pool, my back had a fit and decided to hurt as hell. Along with it, I could not move my neck and could barely move my arm. Yolhi, who was having lunch with me, drove me around, because I could not even drive the darn car.
She took me back to the massage parlor, where they were generous enough to give me another massage. Maybe they are planing to hurt the other side of my back, and make my body even...

Yolhi forgot her mobile there. This is the 6th phone she looses in two years. Go Yolhi!!!


During our amazing lunch, the Tomazini family managed to "produce" a cake and one of those spiting fire candles. Of course the fire alarm went off and we struggled to make it shut up.

All fun and games.

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  1. Mas tudo de errado que possa ter acontecido, será motivo de boas lembranças! Pelo menos teve a certeza de que o alarme de incêndio está funcionando bem! :D Felicidades!! Não fique triste com as pessoas que estão indo embora - com a internet não existe mais distância! Beijus,