quarta-feira, março 16

Today i woke up at 5 am with the sound of tanks going down the avenue next to my house. they were going to the conflict area. Several Gulf countries are sending troops to support the Bharaini government.

I am normally quiet calm, but I had a chill going down my spine when I saw hundreds of tanks, that close to my place.
Fabio had tickets to got o Kuwait renew Anita's passport, but he could not get to the airport. All three avenues that give access to the airport were blocked by military.

From 6 am onwards many phones lost conection, but by 11 they were back.

When the airport access was re opened, many people rushed there, and tried to get the hell out of the country. Many families were waiting for hours and hours. Many ventured there with no valid tickets are bought it on the spot.
The troops "cleaned"out the Pearl Round about, where the protesters used to gather. Some say the whole thing will be demolished.
6 people died today. the total number of human lives lost in this conflict is 13. This is the sad reality of it.
Helicopters were making sure there were no gatherings in public places. And the soldiers were carrying machine guns.
While this happens outdoors, in the Ramalho Rocha family...

Anita is freaking out. Most her friends left the country and she wants to go too. NOW!
Lia wants to go to Brazil and already told everyone she will become a non sense if we take her anywhere else.
Fabio and I are trying to evaluate the situation, get Anita a new passport ( hers is expired) and make a decision based on facts, not the colectiove hysteria.

Leya, my mother in law, who is the bright presence in the house at the moment is devastated, sad, upset. Then you will say: of course, with all these problems...
Nope. Not that at all.

She is stressed, unhappy and going balistic because she can not go shopping.
- But can't we go shopping using another road?

- No. All malls are in the conflict zone...

- What about other shops? Can't we go somewhere else?

- Not really. Everything is closed.

- What about asking them to let us go through the barricades? We are only going to the mall...

After long consideration, I took her shopping at the SUPERMARKET!

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