segunda-feira, março 14

+ Bahrain

I am against sensationalismo, so i will keep to the facts:

Saudi sent military forces to support Bahraini government. 1000 men arrived in the country with heavy military equipment.

Most companies ordered their employees to stay home
Schools are closed for a week

Some more families are leaving the country as a "precaution"

Today there was no bread at the supermarket. people seem to be stocking up ( someone explain to me why stock up on BREAD???)

There were protests in several areas and many streets were closed

There are cases of violence - so far only between civilians
Embassies are telling everyone to stay home and to be careful
There is no Brazilian Embassy in Bahrain. So far, no word from them.

4 comentários:

  1. Embassies always say things to cover their butt. They are saviours when there is real, actual trouble.
    the Briton in my household decided he will pretend to be a south african and went off for a meeting with more britons and irish at work... i decided to stay at home to bond with the daughter........ but will go to work very early tomorrow

  2. Thinking of you as I read the news here today. Just stay safe.

  3. Quando vejo as noticias, penso logo em voce...
    Se cuide tá?
    Será que não seria bom vir nos visitar aqui no Brasil?
    Depois voce volta, uai!
    Deus te abençoe

  4. frozen bread....
    love u!