sábado, março 12

Raising kids

Yesterday we went to a dinner party at a friend's place. for the first time, our daughters came with us and Anita, our older child, met a friend who was also keeping his dad company.
At one point, she came to us and said:
- I am going with my friend to the next compound, we have a colleague who lives there.
Fabio and I agreed.
At the same time, the guy was telling his dad the same thing and I could hear:
- What compund are you going to? Who are you going with? Who lives there? What are you guys going to be doing?

I just looked at Fabio and said:

- oh...that's how it is supposed to be done?

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  2. there is nothing right and nothing wrong when it comes to raising children. there are right things for the particular child and parents. while the other parent was very right and i may have done the same, i must say your daughter can perhaps end up being more responsible and better at deciding what is best for her. give them lots of love, not loving them is the only wrong thing a parent can do. enough of preaching for the day ;-)