terça-feira, março 15


Today OUT AND ABOUT completes one year. I can hardly believe it has  been a year since I decided to finally start writting here. And it is amazing how many things changed inside and around me.

I am living a very complex moment of my life. Full of challenges and consequently covered with opportunities. We are closely looking into our marriage, trying to reinvent our lives and I am trying every day, to be a better person. While this internal revolution takes place, the world around me seems to have gone crazy. Earthquakes in NZ, Japan, floads in Brazil, the political mess in Lybia, Egypt, Tunisia and here, right at my door step, in Bahrain.
Today the king declared Marshall Law. We have no idea what is going to happen, how the anti government forces will react and how the violence will - or will not escalate. Sudi, UAE and other Gulf countries sent military resources to support the government. I saw them passing by, right in front of my house.
Just to add icing to the cake, we found out that Anita's passport is valid for less than 6 months, so she can not leave the country. Helloooo... We may be evacuated at any moment, so she NEEDS to be able to travel. Tomorrow one of us will fly to Kuwait to get it sorted ( as long as we can reach the airport - ha!). Yes, our closest embassy is in Kuwait.

But all this novelt o say I will throw no party to celebrate the anniversary. Not because I am not happy - on the contrary. This blog sometimes is the highlight of my day! But with this mess going on, I can't possibly think about anything witty or fun enough to celebrate.

We will have no party, but I want to tell you how important YOU have been in my life for the past year. How this journey by your side helped me grow up ( just a little) and how blessed I feel for having you alongside me.

I made wonderful friends, I met amazing people who motivate me to try harder, to go farther. Thank you!

Thank you for being my sound board, for helping me when I am sad, for holding my hand when I want to throw the towel. Thank you for your honest feedback, for disagreing with me and for keeping me real, keeping me on my toes.

I trully love you!

7 comentários:

  1. received by e mail: "Hi, sounds like you are doing it tough at the moment. Take care and keep your head down. Stay safe! Great blog, very interesting reading! " MP

  2. reeved by e mail: "congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Shanthi"

  3. received by e mail: mabruk LP ( means congratulations in arabic...kkk)

  4. received by e mail: "Happy birthday to bloooooog! Happy birthday to bloooooog! Happy.... And many moooooooooore!" DP

  5. Parabéns, Inaie. Desde que cheguei aqui só tenho encontrado alegrias literárias, conhecimentos novos e a sua generosidade e amabilidade constantes. Que venham muitos e muitos mais anos em sua boa companhia. Abraços. Paz e bem.

  6. i have not been a visitor to this blog until recently. but it feels to me this blog, like you, is something i have known closely for a very long time. i am grateful to have met you, and to have made friends with you - for you are not just a friend, you are a true friend, fabulous girl and my non-biological sister. nothing but the best to you, lots of love and congrats on the anniversary! Brava!

  7. Here's to another year of one of my favourite blogs!