domingo, março 13

Bahrain today!

The media is no longer interested in Bahrain. Lybia's conflict is far more interesting and everyione needs to pay attention to Japan's earthquake now that we seem to find New Zealand's recent tragedy was after all child's play, compared to the recent Earthquake.

I am lost, don't even know who to pray for anymore. World peace? maybe this is the only way to ask God for one thing only - and try to solve so many problems at one goal.

Meanwhile in Bahrain, the protests continue. Even though the media has forgotten about us, things are pretty much the same.

This has been the picture for the last month: demonstrators on the streets, squares, in front of  public organizations. Every day a different place.

The government trying to show good will - they changed five ministers, lowered the price of housing, offered finantial benefits for locals, pardoned some debts, and kept insisting in sitting down to negotiate further. Unfortunately the oposition did not seem interested. The protesters kept going and going until today when they closed an important avenue in the finantial harbour and the police used rubber bullets and tear gas to send people away.

In my modest opinion, there is a paralel problem, runninmg side by side to all of this. Along side the problems, we have gossip, misinformation, people using false information to create more anger and despair between people.

My mother in law is visiting us, and when I found out about all the mess, I decided to play it down and took her for a massage. When we finished, the receptionist told her there was a big problem in downtown, we had fatalities and the army would soon take the place of the police.

In minutes I got a call from my watchman, saying:

Madam, come home. Not safe outside!

He was only caring for me, but all the lies, the exageration, the untruth damages the country and the opportunity of a pacific end to this nightmare.

2 comentários:

  1. Querida !
    Eu sinto pelo que está acontecendo em Bahrein.
    Infelizmente parece que a mídia tem um prazer sórdido de passar informações exageradas e que criam mais pavor.

    Tenha um bom início de semana Inaie !
    beijos pra vc

  2. couldn't agree with you more!