terça-feira, agosto 10

Las Vegas

We are staying in a hotel called Circus Circus. It is not right on the strip, but it is great value for money.The hotel has over 3500 rooms, and a huge commercial complex, with shops, restaurants and of course, a big cassino. It also has an entertainment area full of rides and shows. There are circus performances all day long. The place is very cool.

My mother in law, does not like the idea of staying away from the strip, and since we made the reservations, she has been complaining. She complains, and complains, and complains.

She wants to stay in a better hotel, in a better location, she is quite unhappy about the arrangement. my father in law, who is extremely generous, is footing the hotel bill, and we are 7 people in total.

We finally arrived in Vegas. My mother in law still complaining about the darn hotel.
I got off the car and went with my father in law to the reception area, to check in.

The queue was big, it took a little while until they arrived. then I saw it. A bell boy with a trolley full of suitcases. Big, small, all colors, all ours. When I look closer, I see they also had plastic bags with shoes, boxes of water bottles, chocolate milk, chocolates, cookies...

It was hilarious!! I could not stop laughing and was forever grateful we were at Circus Circus. A more sofisticated hotel would have quicked us out.

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