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Las Vegas to Yosemite

Today we left Vegas to go to Yosemite. The plan was to leave around 6 am - so we would have plenty of time to see things on our way. Unfortunately things went a " little" different from what we planned, here are the highlights: (it is really late, I have no energy to upload the pics from the Death Valley, but I will do it tomorrow)

+ we left the hotel after 10 am. don't ask me what happened. yesterday Fabio and I  were trying to negotiate a 7:30 departure, so we would have time to have breakfast at the hotel... the unanimous response was : NOOOOO, it will be too late. Next thing I know, we are leaving the hotel at 10 am, no hotel breakfast...go figure!

+ we had breakfast at Mac Donalds ( no hotel, but MAC DONALD'S???)

+ we had a fab drive through the Death Valley. Fabio and I decided it was too hot in Bahrain, so we ended up in the Death Valley - the HOTTEST place on Earth. The views are gorgeous, I promise to upload photos tomorrow.

+ everywhere there were signs warning us about the dangers of the heat
visit this place from October to May!
make sure you hike early in the morning or after 4 pm
and here we were, the hottest time of the year, visiting the place from mid day to 2:30 ish... cleeever.

+ names will remain private, however, the stories must be shared:
someone (will call this person X) was in terrible pain and needed to have a toilet stop. No toilets anywhere, so we stopped on the side of the road, so X could POO no, I am not joking, we really did . Not only that, but being a nice person like I am, I went along, to hold a blanket and protect X from the road's view. The problem was : it was so hot, I ended up protecting myself from the sun, and forgot my primary mission.X was a bit exposed. Ok, ok, not nice, but it was really, really hot!  Next I saw was a car stopping by. Oh God, I was livid, it seemed like a nightmare. Lucky for X, it was only a driver's change and the car went it's way. X could not do the business, and in pain, went back to the car. We stopped at the nearest petrol station. Phew...

+  the gps chose a WONDERFUL route for us. Very scenic, however, after the sunset, the beautiful scenario turned into a real nightmare. A horror house. Curves everywhere, very straight road, no side road, no lights, huge trees (that would be wonderful at day light).

+ when we finally got away from the horror house, another person, that i will call Y decided to have a toilet emergency (you heard that before?). No toilets anywhere. From desert to jungle, we had nowhere to stop. Yeah, off I went, with the blanket to protect Y while she peed.

+ back to the car, we were all laughing and having fun when someone my mother in law felt sick and thought she was going to throw up - anything missing here? any more scatological moments? Lucky for all of us she did not throw up, but we had some weird, fun conversations:

Anita- I am felling sick!
Me- Anita, we only have one plastic bag, and Leya asked first
Leya- Yeah! I am going to throw up first
Lia- Anita, there is only one bag and grandpa needs it, or he will be vomited  on...
Fabio - Dad will be the vomitee, mom will be the vomitor

We laughed so much...

+ after 13 hours we arrived at the hotel. dead tired!!!

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  1. Muito massa as fotos, lugar lindo em...
    abraço do gui e da nalu