terça-feira, agosto 24

Homeless in San Fran

This sad story happened when we were leaving the hotel, to start our journey back to Los Angeles.

We had a box of chocolates we have been carrying everywhere - and no one is eating it. The chocolate melted and hardened up so many times, it is not even funny!

Fernando took the box away from the car and placed it on the path - a minute later, a homeless man took it and left, all happy, calling his friends:

- who wants chocolate? Who wants chocolate?

My heart broke and I remembered we had also bought a whole box of milk chocolate, for Lia's breakfast. She only drank one a day and we still had twenty or so in the box.I counted how many she would need and headed to the corner, to give the remaining to other homeless people.

Tough job. First, you don't want to offer it to someone who may be upset with you, so I decided to be careful. Ragged clothes was a clue - a supermarket trolley full of stuff was another clue.

After minutes waiting, my target approached:

- Would you like some milk?

- Is it chocolate milk?

- Sure is.

- Nah. I don't like it. But thank you very much, madam...

Well, they are homeless, no one ever said they are milkless, right? I should just know better!

While I was recovering from my attempt to "help" the homeless, a young gentleman said:

- I will have one.

and took it from my hand. I was speechless. The person who needed it, did not take it, and the guy who obviously did not need it, was taking advantage. I felt bad, and while I was "re - recovering", he comes back and say:

- can I have another one?

- No. You can not. You should not even have the first one!

- and why is that?

- because you don't need it

he laughed and got closer:

- I am homeless

aha! he thinks he can fool me:

- no, you are not

he laughed harder

- Yes, I am. look: this is the piece of paper with my postal address ( postal address for homeless people)... I am a homeless person. The fact that I do not look like a homeless person does not mean I am not one.

I just stared at him, speechless and he left

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