quarta-feira, dezembro 14

My bad

I ahve this amazing friend who i love dearly. We have so many stories to tell, i could ( and may) write a book after she dies, so she won't kill me.

We are close, we are like sisters. And this year, she forgot my birthday!

Yep, she did. F O R G O T. Simple like that.

And did not even remember the next day. or the day after. Or ever. So I waited 5 long days, and had a hissy fit.

Went to her facebook wall and wrote a formal complaint. I even managed to complain about the fact that her boyfriend, who i really like, but has been my friend for...like... 2 minutes, did not forget. So the "new guy"in her life remembers, and she does not?

Oh man, was I mad...

After complaining about it, I decided to be even meaner, and went to all her posts from the 9th ( my b'day) and left mean comments for her.

Oh...so you write to HEEER on my b'day but not to me?

December the 9th...whatelse happens on this date?

And on and on I went. Until I saw a little link saying:

Luciane Raffa wrote on Inaie Ramalho's wall.
December 9th

oh, oh... and when i clicked, this image came up:

Shit! Shit! Shit!

I mean... Great! She remembered... and now I have yelled, cursed and trew a tantrum. A public one too...
So I better apologise publicly too.

Lu, I love you! Lots...

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