quarta-feira, novembro 16

We are very happy in your new home. The house is spacious, pleasant, in a quiet place - a dream coming true!

Not to be too dishonest about it, everytime you move, there is an adjustment period with the new house. In Bahrain, in the first month, you will certainly have to call  a plumber, an electrician, the air conditioning guy, the swimming pool builder, roof repairer, carpenter and all professionals who have something to do with maintaining a home.
Everyone already knows, we are prepared for it.
My month has just ended. The landlord changed the pool pump, repaired the air conditioning, changed the a/c remote controls, repaired leaks, replaced the curtain rails in the bathrooms, changed shower heads, bought a new washing machine, had to clean the water tank, adjusted some electrical stuff ... and when I was about to give up, I found the story with the plumber will take much longer than expected to end.
I am sure this guy is my former doorman's brother!
First our water was very weak, there was no pressure on the taps and showers. The plumber  came and installed a pump (which the house did not have ... go figure). The water was strong, but after the plumber left, there was no way to get hot water We got the guy back. His explanation:
- I only conected the cold water to the pump, because the heater is old, I don't think it will resist...
Finding very strange that we DEMAND to have hot water in our showers, he conects the pump to the heater. We have 6 bathrooms in this house. When he finishes his work this is the situation:
The water in my shower boils (like the kitchen sink). Anita's bathroom does not have hot water. In Lia's shower the water is completelly muddy. The poor girl who works here has to choose between boiling or freezing water - it is not possible to adjust the temperature. And sometimes there is no water at all. All showers and taps go dry. I confess I did not check the other bathrooms as we are not using them, and we are not expecting any visitors too soon.
I called the landlord, he is very kind and helpful (despite having an army of incompetent laborers working for him) and tonight he will send another plumber to fix the problem.

Anyone knows who is the Saint who protects good showers? I need to pray for him/her!

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  1. that would be the same Saint for patience and forgiving :D
    By: a friend who has lived in the middle east for a looooooooooong time.