terça-feira, novembro 8

Crazy woman at the Vatican

After our dive into faith, we were ready to reunite with God, when Anita saw a woman with a sign saying: "Freedom for Women" and the two of us entered into a ferocious discussion. She thinks women already have the same rights as men, I say it is difficult to make such strong statements. In many countries  women  still suffer serious discrimination. And I am not only talking  about extremist countries where women can not work, drive or vote. There are many shades of prejudice and discrimination to be taken in consideration.

We were discussing our views and approaching the woman to ask her what her actual claim was.

But we were late. Before we got close, she started to undress. First she took off her blouse.The guards came and made a visual barrier between her and the public who were already leaving the square.

I found it amazing how the guards behaved. They all kept their hands where the public could see, to avoid later being accused of inappropriately touching the woman.

As the barrier was being formed, she started shouting louder and began to take her pants off. More "carabinieri" were joining the barrier, a very small police car came into the square, the woman was covered with a blanket and carried to the car, which left the square pretty quickly.

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