sábado, junho 11

To complain or not to complain...that's the question...

I always take my oldest daughter for her waxing routine at the same beauty salon. It is reasonably priced, it is friendly and it is INSIDE my compound. Very convenient.

Legs, bikini line, under arm. Who ever said it would be easy to be a woman?
I know how painful it all is, so I always tag along, so I can hold her hand, say some silly things, take her mind off it.

Yesterday I was busy, she was only going to have her under arms done, so she went alone.  Imagine my surprise when she got home with her undearm red as a tomato.She had this horrible reaction, it made me scared. I tried to comfort her, saying it  would get better soon, then I put some  moisturizer and just prayed the discomfort and pain would go away overnight.

Today it she woke up with the undearm on fire. She was almost crying in pain, unable to move properly and with that horrible "thing"under her arm.

I decided  to go back to the salon with her and show them the damage. To complain, to make sure it would not happen to others. The owner was not there, I talked to the employees available and finally managed to get them to call the owner.

I explained what had happened, said it was unacceptable. She only asked to talk to the employee again and did not even apologised for the issue.

After I left the place, I realized  we are in the Middle East. It is unlikely that people here will accept responsibility for their mistakes, and probably the owner of the salon is going to blame the Philippine work, who did the job and is poorly trained, ill-prepared and should be paid much more than she is.

The girl probably spent the night awake, in fear of loosing her job. A job that pays poorly, makes her work 6 days a week, 12 hour days...
I never intended for the girl to be blamed, all I wanted was to make sure she gets some training, they check their wax heater and the quality of her wax, to avoid it happening to other people.

What do you think? Should I have complained or not?

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  1. Ahh entendi. Hmmm farei isso em breve. Dá um trabalhinho mas é melhor já que estes tradutores não prestam, lol. Já excluí aquilo de lá, kkk.

    Obrigada pelo aviso e pela dica ;)


  2. I think you should've complained either way. The manager should've taken responsibility for it was him/her who hired the poorly trained girl and failed to train her. When we complain, we're after improvement, I guess. I know you didn't mean to do any harm to the employee. It is the manager's fault and if he/she can't take responsibility for that, he/she should have started another kind of business. One that has no employees and does not deal with clients.