segunda-feira, junho 13

Enjoy your holidays!

I just dropped the girls off at the airport. This routine reeats itself every year for over ten years now. Just before the end of the school year, we declare early holidays for Anita and Lia and sent them to Brazil, to visit grandparents, uncles and cousins.

After that long, I should be used to it.But the truth is only one: my heart fells tight inside my chest, I feel like crying for everything and nothing, and they are all happiness and fun.They normally have a wonderful holiday and return home safe and sound.

But mothers will be mothers and we never get used to see them go, not even t for a little trip downtown, let alone half way through the globe.

This year I'm even more emotional with their departure because I can feel the difference in their behavior. They are changing, they are growing.

 This time, I just accompanied them to the airport, and they took care of all the details -check in and all - they did everythingby themselves. Ok, we requested minor supervision and assistance through out the flight, but still...

Very soon, Anita will be leaving the nest she is, gonna take care of her own life, make all her decisions ... And less than two years later,  Lia will follow suit.

After living abroad for so long, I am considering going back to my roots and just declare the ultimate Brazilian mother's rule - leaving home? No way!

Go to college, and after 4 years, return straight to your room, your home and your life, just as we know it, to only think about leaving when you get married.

And right inside my heart, all I will be hoping is for my kids to never get married, never leave me, never take off like i did.

But now, it is only a holiday trip. Only a routine flight to Brazil. We will survive.

Bon voyage my princess ...

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  1. Awww. I have no idea what it's like to see a child leaving the nest... But I believe it's part of you going away. Even if it's just for a while =)

  2. my little girl used to go on summer vacations with grandparents, she did it for a few years. improved proficiency in mother tongue and had fun and bonding.
    i am glad she has been so busy to do that for the last 2-3 years and she is with me. how selfish, but true. but she is off much sooner than anita or lia. so please feel sorry for me. but i am happy for her and looks like we are both ready for the new exciting challenge.