segunda-feira, junho 27

Guys, I am moving houses ( packing and sorting stuff after hours); working like a maniac, trying to find a place to live ( we leave the house in three days); organising my holidays ( I go in a week, but don't even have tickets or a set destination);  and all the other little details one has to care for)  where to leave the dog, who will take care of the plants, bla, bla, bla

So please be patient with me. I will write as soon as I can, and I would love to visit you, but I am exhausted...

BTW, in the middle of this mess, I am actually feeling light hearted and happy. God knows why...

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  1. Inaie, eu nem posso ouvir falar de mudança de casa. Já me mudei umas trocentas vezes. rsrs. Abraços e desejo que tudo corra bem com vocês aí. paz e bem.